Episode 6: Passive Aggressive Wypipo

Our EQ this week: How can white women use their privilege to disrupt the culture of passive aggressive behavior and whitesplaining/mansplaining that emerge in many professional workplaces?

Episode Disclaimer: If any of the stories or examples in this episode seem familiar, it’s purely accidental, coincidental, and unintentional.  

Join Hope and Annie as they discuss the ways in which white women engage in passive aggressive communication. These IWLs rehash an amazing video by MTV's Decoded White People Whitesplain Whitesplaining and Hope learns a new word-- hepeating. As you listen, you'll certainly think of your own experiences with passive aggressive forms of workplace communication. 

Pop Critical Theory:

Today’s pop critical theory comes from the delightful intersection of sociology and linguistics - word blending.  White women love word blends as much as your one quirky uncle loves puns.  The IWL’s favorite word blend is obviously brunch - that’s breakfast plus lunch, natch - but we won’t wax poetic about waffles on THIS episode.  The practice of word blending has brought us such gems as mansplaining and whitesplaining, two terms that are invaluable in our quest to explain the nuance of interpersonal and professional communication in the workplace.  We have to give credit where credit is due - Rebecca Solnit coined “mansplaining” in her seminal essay-turned-book, Men Explain Things to Me.

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