Ep. 11: More than a Flip Book: Interracial Relationships

Our EQ: How can we as white people be more supportive of and less basic about our friends in interracial relationships?

Guests: Anne Jones and Jamika Scott

The conversation meanders from what we love about Tacoma to joys and challenges of being in an interracial relationship to concerns about introducing significant others to family and unique experiences raising kids. It takes effort to get out of our bubbles and expose ourselves to others who are different from us. As Anne says, “If it’s not in your day-to-day, make a concerted effort” to interact with people who are different than you.  Things are moving, even if slowly.

Other topics include:

  • The peculiarities of Montana (the “You Do You” state).
  • Some challenges of raising interracial children
  • Intent vs. Impact of our words and actions
  • Supporting loved ones even when you can’t fully empathize with their experience

Do Your Fudging Homework

  • Anne: Deliberately expose your kids to diverse experiences and raise them to be kind.
  • Jemika: Watch Save the Last Dance and educate yourself about issues affecting POCs and not expecting them to educate you.
  • Annie: go on Oyez.org and read all about Loving vs. Virginia, the landmark Supreme Court case that ended state bans on interracial marriage and relationships.
  • Hope: Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance, The Lovings: an Intimate Portrait, Multiracial Media, and #WhiteBae .