Ep. 50: Let's Talk Intergaycial Relationships


EQ: Why is it important to recognize and/or celebrate Pride? 

Guests: Cal-Jean Lloyd-Wagner, MS Language Arts teacher & Cat Melaunie, kindergarten teacher and previous guest on Ep. 22 That’s Pinteresting!)

We recorded this episode to celebrate Pride season. From funny coming out stories and a debate on how many rainbows is too many rainbows, we hope our listeners will learn a little more about how to support their LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors. Since we never shy away from complicated topics and work hard to think about the world intersectionality, we also dip into a discussion on what’s wonderful, challenging, and unique about being in an intergaycial relationship[ (that’s short for interracial & gay!).

Ways to support Pride this month:

Newish Segment Champagne & Real Pain Sir Bacon or Tom Waits:

  • Champagne - we want to raise a glass/ pour one out for

    • Lisa Keating. Go support her campaign for Tacoma School Board.

      • The organizations doing real work to help queer youth, especially those who have been rejected by their families and need a safe place to land. Locally, we’d like to raise a glass to Oasis Youth Center and PFLAG in Tacoma. The Trevor Project is also doing amazing work in the way of LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention. 

  • Real Pain - we want to condemn these people & actions

    • Anti-gay and anti-trans violence. Leave people the hell alone and let them be themselves. Literally nothing bad will happen if you just mind your business. 

    • To all anti-LGBT bills that emerge every year

Do Your Fudging Homework:

  • Annie: I never thought I’d say this, but consider patronizing the Cracker Barrel in Cleveland, Tennessee. The store recently rejected a request for a meeting space from a homophobic pastor who called for the execution of gay people. While Cracker Barrel is far from perfect, they’ve come a long way. Plus they have old timey candy and pretty good biscuits. 

  • Hope: Support Lisa Keating for school board

  • Cat: My bday gift and send it inter-office mail

  • Cal-Jean: put up signage about being open and affirming to all families