Ep. 8: #MeToo, Fake Apologies, and Supporting Survivors

Our EQ is: How does rape culture hurt everyone and how is the political climate shifting to support survivors and hold abusers accountable?

We begin by defining the term rape culture and process our way through the swamp that is this “trend” in white men being taken to task for the sins they've committed--abusing their power to sexual harass, assault and rape. How does rape culture hurt women? Other men? What’s the impact on children? How are celebrities protected by their status? HOW and WHY is the present political climate causing those protections for the rich and famous to break down? In this episode, we specifically focus on Roy Moore and Louis C.K., including their denials and half-baked apologies (and apologists).

Worth reading on the issue:

What it boils down to is this:

  • Fight all the elements of rape culture in our society.  
  • Don't be a creep.
  • Stop telling women what they could've/should've done in dangerous situations.
  • Call out your Bros when they are rape-y.
  • Believe victims of assault.

Continuing down the thread of White male mediocrity--Blake Shelton is certainly not the sexiest man in the world. How about Mahershala Ali? Or the Greek Men’s Water polo team







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