Ep. 53: Be A Visible Ally

EQ: With the start of the new -  school year, how can educators be better allies to LGBTQ+ students and colleagues?

Guest: Caroline Kyle Menzia is an elementary school counselor at Geiger Montessori who helps facilitate Tacoma Public School's LGBTQ PLC (professional learning community). Here's their SWAY site for reference and resources you can use. 

Caroline explains how she became passionate about working as an ally for children, especially LGBTQ students. She shares why it’s essential for schools to ensure that “Everyone is welcome” at school. Caroline makes the case that adults need to be visible allies who are flexible and not afraid to be uncomfortable. 

Some tips she shares:

    • Be open to feedback from parents and community to help you be better

    • Normalize talking about pronouns

    • Put your pronouns in your email signature

    • Use your bulletin boards and bookshelves to create welcoming and safe spaces

Resources to support your work:

Do Your Fudging Homework: