Ep. 48: The Case for Cat Scarves and Creativity

EQ: How can creating & creativity be used to form human connections and change the world?

As Emily eloquently states, “Art is something I do to engage my creativity, connect with people, and make things that I can see and be proud of”. Throughout this episode we discuss the joys of designing and creating and what it can do for the soul especially in tough political times. We also dissect the merits of  TRIO & Upward Bound and how Emily became MLS Watercolors. In this episode we introduce a new segment called “champagne and real pain.” We raise a glass for Christa Davis.Art,  Little Nas X elementary school Ohio, Tilly the Artist (Afrofuturism Art) and award real pain to raging humans and Representative Steve King of Iowa

Do Your Fudging Homework:

  • Hope: go buy something from MLS Watercolors (like a Sounders cat scarf)

  • Annie: pick up that creative activity you’ve been neglecting. As a teacher, I put off creative projects during the school year and pick them back up in the summer. Find your thing!

  • Emily: Making It on Hulu,  Blood Song Eric Drooker, Allen Ginsberg Illuminated Poems

PS—don’t forget to read Carol Anderson’s White Rage for our next #readlessbasic book club

Ep 27: Finding Joy and Giving Love: An Interview with Musician Stephanie Johnson


EQ: What’s awesome/challenging about being a women of color in the music industries?

Guest: Stephanie Anne Johnson of Tacoma (season 5 of The Voice). Born and raised in Tacoma. From a military family, Stephanie is a musician, performer and educator!

Ignore the star-struck awkwardness of the hosts during this interview with the amazing Stephanie Johnson. The way Stephanie talks about music, love, and relationships will have you reaching for your tissue box. Telling her “Tacoma Story”, Stephanie reminds listeners that each of us has a story that is uniquely our own and it is up to us to define and create these stories.

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Guilty Favsies:

  • Hope--Expensive Vinegars
  • Annie--Swedish fish
  • Stephanie--the Kardashians

Do Your Fudging Homework:

  • Stephanie - Buy music directly from the artist; pick up a book and READ
  • Annie - Go to the Hilltop Street Fair
  • Hope - Check out Stephanie’s music on CD Baby